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Started by stixman

My Serum won't Update so I try to uninstall it but everytime I want to install Serum again, it shows the old version 1.266 and now all presets I ever use in projects are init presets now, in every project where I use Serum -.- I cry…


If Serum is not updating, you're probably installing to the wrong location vs. where the DAW is set to look for VST plugins.
It is also important to restart the DAW.

1) Look where your DAW is set for VST Plugins and

2) delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll from that location.

3) sanity check: Verify Serum is no longer available in the DAW.

Then quit the DAW and run the update to that location.

In FL Studio, check FL options->Plugin Manager, and delete any and all instances of Serum (expand window to the right if needed to see path) in Windows explorer, rescan and verify Serum is not available, then quit FL and run the update.

Please use the contact form and mention 

your DAW and OS if you’re still stuck.

The system keep asking me to reinput my serial number while I am on monthly pay mode, what should I do then?


You need to be signed in to the Splice client application, try signing out and back in to the Splice client app.


Ola, eu adquiri o Serum recentemente… e agora preciso formatar meu mac, quero saber como desativo a licença como parar o registro… para que eu possa registrar depois

hello I need help to find my serial number I just got a pc and It shows I've downloaded loo tool from Ofer need help please

I would recommend to use the contact form if this reply does not help, as I don't quite understand the question, LFOTool does not need a serial number. If you are leasing Serum on Splice, you should download the Splice client app and sign in to it.

Marcel Smit

I cant update serum… Help my please! There is no check for updates button????!!!


I just bought serum. Been watching tutorials on using it and copying every setting they have but am getting a completely different/harsh sound. Running it through FL 20. Could it be too much CPU? How would I fix this? Any help is appreciated.


Too much CPU tends to sound like irregular crackling like frying food.
Maybe tutorials wouldn't be the place to start troubleshooting, you could be playing a different octave, or perhaps find one that provides the finished preset.


When you save or add new presets, Serum resets all presets in the presets window and starts scanning. How to prevent presets from disappearing from the presets window during scanning?


Make sure you're using the latest version of Serum. Additional improvements are coming.

I'm going to close this thread as it's becoming a catch-all - please use the Serum forum for support!

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