Default midi map?

Started by tkuhner

I have the ability to control external midi devices  and automate parameters from my daw.
I can use the midi learn feature in Serum one control at a time and build a controller.
This takes time and I have to do it for every preset.
Is there a default midi map that shows the cc's already assigned to Serum?
This would allow me to build an "automation rack" that I can use over and over 
with any preset.
Tim K

I get a message "You are not allowed to do that."
when I click on the link.

The "Serum" forum is only visible to registered users of Serum.
This may be my problem.
No chance of getting the midi map without buying first is there.



The demo doesn't have the MIDI map functionality, but the concept is simple - you can save a MIDI map and have it become a "template", which always loads automatically on startup (and stays even if you change presets).

Ok, that's reasonable.   I'll pull the trigger during the next couple of paychecks, I just bought a bunch of stuff on sale in May @ Propellerheads for my Reason, so $$$.  I like it a lot. I hope I don't have midi chaos automating multiple parameters accross loopMidi at the same time!  
-Thanks for all the time.
Tim K

I'm right there with you Kuhner. I need to send cc to Reason from Ableton


I'm having a hard time attempting to save a MIDI map as a template, so all presets can be controlled by my control surface. Please let me know how to do this. 

I saved a custom MIDI map and it works, but apply after changing the preset.

I attempted to save a custom MIDI map as "template", but it didn't work either.

I clicked on the link in your response, but I get an error message saying "You can't do that" and I get logged out.

Thank you,

save the map in the MIDI maps folder as default.mmp and it the mapping will persist preset changes after you re-instantiate Serum.



Thank you so much for your reply.

Your synth is amazing!


I bought Serum on the Splice plan right after I posted this question and everything is working correctly.  The midi mapping and all cc mapping from Reason to Serum.  

Hey steve is there any way you can email me that default midi map that you mentioned here
Everytime i click on it, it says I'm not authorized to see that. I bought the software and have the latest update but I'm trying to get the default midi mapping cc assignments so I can map my midi controller to those corresponding desired parameters. Thank you too much in advance if you can help!!!


Hey steve, I saved the midi mapping i was able to make as default.mmp the way you suggested earlier, but every time i change the preset when browsing for sounds, the midi mapping goes away and I have to reload it again. And suggestions on how to get this permanent??

I'm not clear on that exactly, if the MIDI map is being picked up correctly, then the mapping should be there when you start Serum (fresh instance). In other words do not load the MIDI map from the menu.

Hi Steve - lovely software, btw! - I am using SL Mixface to control knobs in Serum in Logic. I have managed to create my own MIDI Map, but it is lost when I change patches in Serum. Can you help with this? You do mention this functionality earlier in this post. Thanks!


Thank you so much for your reply.