Just installed the mac serum where is it?

Started by bellbog

I am brand new to mac, so this may be my stupidity, but where the fuck are all my files at lol? Ive installed serum like 8 times and it says installation complete to the location of my choice, when I navigate to there its completely empty

Serum is a VST/AU/AAX plugin, it shows up in your host/DAW.  You shouldnt need to access any files.  Let me know your host/DAW if you're having trouble locating it there.

Reason only allows their proprietary Rack Extension format, sold through their store exclusively, which I have no plans of supporting. 

Definitely having trouble locating it. Ableton Live 9 newest update on Mac Pro Yosemite. Downloaded the Release and newest update/FX

Are you familiar with using VSTPlugins in Ableton Live? (they need to be enabled on File/Folder in Preferences of Live, and make sure you are looking in the Plugins tab in Live browser, not the Live devices).

Oh man. It's been forever since I've installed a vst. I remember now. Thank you.


Okay, I've never installed a vat and I have no clue what you are talking about. PLS Help.


I explained above, you need to enable use VST plugins in File/Folder tab of Live's preferences.  There's youtube tutorials on using VST plugins in Ableton Live if you can't figure it out but it isn't very hard.


Using fl studio
and i'm on a mac as well. it's not in the vst folder


You need to use the newer OSX native version of FL, not the older experimental version crossfire (which emulated Windows only partially, and thus had very limited VST support).   Or use Bootcamp (run actual windows) in which case use the Windows installers.


what if i dont want  serum on my mac ? how my supposed to delete the files if i cant find them


To delete Serum and all content completely:

2) in Finder, command-shift-U (Utilities)

open Terminal.app

3) paste this (I would strongly recommend NOT to type it by hand to avoid typos)

sudo rm -rf /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Serum.vst; sudo rm -rf
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Serum.component; sudo rm -rf
/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer\ Records/Serum\ Presets; sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/Serum.aaxplugin

It will ask for your password, and all Serum files will be erased.


Downloaded Serum demo first, then purchased it. How can i activate my Serum so im not using the demo anymore? Is there somewhere that I am supposed to type my activation code? 
P.s I am using ableton live and yes my VST's are enabled.


So I just installed it. Also just switched from PC to mac. Where is the dll for serum? Cant seem to find it anywhere - or will it show up in ableton for me without me having to put the dll in? Let me know, thanks. 


Yes, it will show up, enable VST System folders in Live Prefs->File/Folder tab.


So i just started the pay monthly plan for serum and tried to install it. I can't find it anywhere on my computer and it won't show up in FL Studio. I was able to install and open the effects rack separately in FL but it asked me to locate the effects folder which I can't find on my computer anywhere. I'm unsure as to how I'm suppose to open Serum if the files don't appear anywhere.


If you're using FL on a Mac, you need to use the Native OS X version, not their "crossover" experiment which lacks proper 3rd party VST support due to incomplete Windows emulation.

Be sure you have installed the full version of Serum from Splice->plugins tab.   Use the contact form if you are still stuck!

@Luis felipe ledexma
The version changes regularly, it is always the middle download in "your account" when you purchase.

after copy and pasting that code , the app wont let me type my password in. What do i do?

If you mean the text to remove Serum completely (?) it doesn't show your password as you type but it accepts it.

so i just bought serum and im opening it in ableton but it keeps "Please select the folder named 'Serum Presets' in the window about to appear" and i click ok and i cant find 'Serum Presets' annnyywheerrreee. and its really frustrating please help

the latest version is always found in "your account" when you purchase.