Nerve as Logic MIDI FX

Started by dpcoffin

Checking to see if this is true. I just found a bunch of old posts on KVR talking about how Nerve was also an Audio Unit MIDI FX as well as an instrument plugin, but I can't find any reference to that being the case on the Xfer site. Only this about MIDI I/O:
"MIDI Out control allows you to use Nerve as a “sequence engine” to generate notes/CC's in unique ways / control or layer other synths and samplers."
…which obviously won't work in Logic as an ordinary AU.

Yes, there is a bonus version of Nerve which generates MIDI notes directly as a MIDI FX.

Hmmm where is this bonus version you speak of? I like the sound of it.


Hi Steve I'd love to try Nerve Midi Fx is there a demo available?


There isn't a demo of the MFX currently, it really is a bonus.