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 I today i buy the Nerve AU and i get two download links for the DMG file, both are the same file with the same size,  but i think i need only one to Install for Download or both? 


you only need one .dmg, the files are identitcal, they are simply listed twice (website issue the admin has yet to fix).



hi steve and Xfer Team :)

When i install nerve and LFO tool do i extract all files f to vsti folder in plugins for FLstudio to make it work or just the content.

thanks and cheeers :)


DLL's go in VSTplugins folder

LFOTool Presets folder belongs in same place as LFOTool.dll

NerveData can go anywhere; Nerve will ask where it is first run.


Hi :o) I just purhased and innstalled Nerve and I have run it on Cubase 5. But It hasn´t asked me to type in the serial number yet. And after 20 minutes the sound cuts off like in the demo version. How do I fix this?

  • Sandra Michelle -


Sounds like you're still running the demo version (the demo version has "demo" written on the Nerve logo). You need to replace the Nerve from the demo version with the one from the installer. It seems you have download both the MacOS and Windows versions so I can give you more specific info if I know which OS you are referring to, but the concept is the same (Nerve demo plugin (Nerve.vst/Nerve.dll) should be deleted, the one from the installer should be used).



Hi again!
I installed Nerve one more time, overwriting the content in the folders. When I opened the interface i Cubase now , the serial number box appeared :o) Thanks!

  • Sandra Michelle - :o)

So how do I make Nerve record the midi output to an FL studio pattern? (Exporting wav files each time I make a change\exporting the midi out file to a channel is a little annoying everytime I make a change to a pattern). Basically I want nerve to be played only using FL Studio patterns like another synth, not every time I run the host.

you can alt-drag the A-L buttons in the latest beta to FL Studio.

Got it thanks. Another nice workflow trick I've found is to use nerve as an effects plugin on a separate mixer track, create all the patterns inside nerve using it's sequencer and then just record the patterns live into the playlist.


hi steve! what can i do if my country is not in the list when filling the billing adress?

  • Gaspar


Paypal is currently a requirement for purchase - contact me directly and we can try to sort something out.

Hello, I just downloaded Nerve and it's not showing up in Logic Pro X. Please assist.


Try restarting the Mac, and/or try the beta version atop the Nerve forum which is stable / soon to be a release.

I downloaded Nerve and apparently the system doesn't recognize the image for installation… please help. (macOS Big Sur)

Big Sur is not yet supported for Nerve. I am working on it. I would advise to revert to Catalina if possible.


Hi Steve, thx for replay. Where can i download the beta for Big Sur?

Hi Steve!

I'm thinking about buying Nerve and I'm currently running MacOS Catalina with Cubase 11 and wonder, what are the difference with the stable release and the beta? Do you have any release notes compared between them?


try Command-N (new finder window)
command-shift-G in Finder and type or paste (including ~ mark):

drag-copy to there.