Nine Inch Nails and Steve Duda

Started by cexcean


at around 10 mins. Charlie Clouser - sound designer for Nine Inch Nails breaks it down and praises 'our' Steve Duda's GENIUS!!


Thanks for sharing!

Serum would not exist without Charlie. He's been more influential than anyone on me in music I think.

I got to spend 2 years of my youth sitting in his studio room with him nightly… watching him do remixes and do album production, and he is so forthcoming with knowledge. I feel like I got a masters degree in music tech knowledge out of those two years. Such good times, and such a talented and inspiring person - I wish I could do it all again!


Thats interesting you say that 'I feel like I got a masters degree in music tech knowledge'

Because I see you as a Teacher with your Serum and Cthulhu especially - The Design and interfacing transfers knowledge- Like they mention how elegant and sleek Serum is because its 'simplified'

I Think you are a Great Educator

Anyways Man, Fuckin' Nine Inch Nails

Take Care BOSS