Serum on hi-res screens

Started by garryknight


Hi Steve

Having just bought Serum, watched your 12 tutorial videos on YouTube, and played with the synth for a couple of days, I'm thinking, "Is there anything Steve hasn't thought of?" Having used Massive, Dune 2, Sylenth1, Hive, ANA, and Synthmaster, I'm really impressed.

But there is one small problem. And I do mean small. On my PC, Serum is easy to use and program. But on my MS Surface Pro 3 laptop/tablet, Serum - and the controls and fonts in particular - are too small to be comfortable. So I'm wondering if some future update could allow dynamic resizing of the GUI? I realise that it could be a big job if Serum isn't vector-based. So, any chance of a choice of resolutions up to 2160x1440 or better?

Anyway, thanks for creating such a powerful, fun, and easy-to-use synth.


Thanks for the nice words.  A resizable UI is in the works!

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Just ran into the same issue on the XPS15 4K win10 laptop and there's only one (a sad one, for that matter) workaround i could find: lowering the display resolution. Which brings me to a question: is it possible to (somehow) disable hi-DPI scaling in Serum (and LFO tool)?


There is no hi-DPI scaling period, it's just a dynamic resolution (window size).


hey steve! Just bought serum and cthulu but ran into this same issue. Any (re)solution (muhahaha) coming up?


there's a Serum update with resizable UI out this week… cheers!


Awesome! Thank you so much for the work and effort you have invested in the update!


with the amazing release of Serum with Resizable GUI, any chance that "Nerve" also get a bigger UI?


any thoughts on getting a resizable GUI for Nerve? Barely usable on a hi resolution monitor unfortunately.

Made In Machines

Why does serum look all blurry compared to bitwig or live 10? When is proper 4k serum coming rather than just enlarging a 1080p plugin and getting low resolution?


Retina support is coming in the next update, you can try the pre-release version atop the Serum registered user forum.