Serum Presets do not work

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Sorry if I sound like a noob, but I got the Virtual Riot Serum presets and… they don't load. I run Ableton Live 9 Suite on my Windows 10 computer and can't seem to figure out how to update my copy of Serum. Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas, btw.

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Hi Steve,
I would kindly like to ask for your help as i'm having a latest version of Serum but no (purchased)presets are loaded, just stays INIT. What should I do to fix that?
I have tried to save my own preset and then have loaded it - works just fine..
Thank you in advance!

Update to the latest version of Serum in "your account". If the problem persists please use the contact form and verify/mention the "build" number showing after updating.

Hello Steve,

Just purchased Serum a few days ago, I am running v1.215 on a Mac with Ableton 9. I downloaded some presets from Splice that reference .wav files in the noise folder, and those work fine, but some presets only come with .fxp files, and they do nothing. They are in the 'User' sub-folder for my presets, but when I load them I just hear the default synth. Any idea what the issue is or what I am doing wrong?



verify the "build" on the Global page shows 1.215 - if it does then those presets are probably for a different synthesizer.

Thanks for the prompt response, you were right, I double checked and realized they were Sylenth presets. Whoops!

Hello Steve, got my copy of serum! Thanks to Splice! i got a disciple preset their youtube and its saying i need to update serum. I have updated it through the splice manager but its still saying to update. the file is a .fxp. Is there anything im missing?


ask them if they used a test version… I made a test version semi-public and people can't follow directions.

ask them if they used a test version… I made a test version semi-public and people can't follow directions.

I tried to post earlier but idk if it got deleted or something, but i'm having the same problem with the same preset so i'm thinking this is what happened. sucks because the preset is sick but uses some custom wavetables.


there is an update as of today, so you can try that.

Hey Steve,
Serum has been working great until I recently installed the new update for FL Studio 20.6 and all of a sudden my presets will not load into serum anymore. If you have any ideas why I'd be very appreciative. I have been reading all over for answers.

@mason957 please use the contact form or Serum forum for support, include any more information you can including "build" on the global tab and how you are loading presets.

I have purchased serum and there are new presets ive purchased but when I try and load those presets I get an error saying my serum needs to be updated, so I went to xfer web site logged into my account and ive downloaded what sais is the update and I am still getting the error so I don't really understand what to do now, I feel like I cant use serum the way I should after spending 189$ on it :(


If Serum is not updating, you're probably installing to the wrong location vs. where the DAW is set to look for VST plugins.
It is also important to restart the DAW.
1) Look where your DAW is set for VST Plugins and 

2) delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll from that location.

3) sanity check: Verify Serum is no longer available in the DAW.

Then quit the DAW and run the update to that location. 

In FL Studio, check FL options->Plugin Manager, and delete any and all instances of Serum (expand window to the right if needed to see path) in Windows explorer, rescan and verify Serum is not available, then quit FL and run the update.

Let me know your DAW and OS if you’re still stuck.

RIGHT ON Steve!!! Thank you so much I did exactly as you said with Fl studio and it is working great now I appreciate your help so much bro and I just wanna thank you for having such a great product Im sorry if I seemed a little annoyed but its back to the beat lab for me thank you thank you thank you!!!

Hey, for anyone having the 'this preset was made with a latest version of Serum, please update' problem I wanna share my experience. I bought Serum back in 2018 and I've been using it and updating it without having any problems, but earlier this year I wanted to update to use some newer presets and I just couldn't get it working. Basically in my case the Serum update service was for some reason installing the 64 bit update into the 'Program Files' folder instead of 'Program Files x86' folder which is the one for 64 bit plug-ins. I manually changed the installation route to Program Files x86>Steinberg>VstPlugins and it was all solved. By the way I'm using FL Studio 12 and Windows 10. I guess this problem could happen both ways around. Either it could be trying to install the 64 bit plugin into the 32 bit folder, or the 32 bit plugin into the 64 bit folder. In the last case you would have to change the installation route to Program Files>Steinberg>VstPlugins. A good way to check the Serum version you are running is opening Serum, clicking on the 'Global' tab and checking under 'BUILD'. I also read a guy's article that said he was having some issues with this because he had a bunch of Serum.dll's. Anyways I hope this is helpful for someone (sorry for writing so much). Bye

Hi steve, every time i wnat to open the preset appear a message"unable to load preset

If it is in the browser (but fine from the preset menu), try "erase and rebuild database" from the pulldown menu in the preset browser. otherwise I would suggest the contact form or provide a link to an image of the error.

Hello, I have some sample packs that have presets, tables, noises, and even LFO Shapes. I would like to keep everything very organized and would like to know if I can change the default name of the folders of these items. For example, I have a Vandalism pack which contains two folders… one for presets named "Shocking Brazilian Bass For Serum" and and one for wavetables named just "Wavetables". I would like to change the presets folder to "Brazilian Bass [Vandalism] - Shocking Brazilian Bass Presets" and create a subfolder for the wavetables named "Brazilian Bass [Vandalism] - Shocking Brazilian Bass Tables". My concern is that if I change the name of folders, I may break the link for any presets that are looking for a table in a specific folder. Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help.

Everything can be renamed except Noises files/folder locations (currently, at least). Wavetables (besides the factory included ones) are always bonus material, the wavetable data is included in presets/songs themselves.