Stuck in Demo mode after purchase?

Started by Allen95

I installed the latest update for Serum (middle download) which I have installed into my hard drive but Serum is still stuck in demo mode? I've restarted Logic and my computer many times with the same result.


Also stuck in demo mode, on windows 10 in fl studio 20. Reinstalled about 5 times and still stuck.


If Serum is not updating, you're probably installing to the wrong location vs. where the DAW is set to look for VST plugins.
It is also important to restart the DAW.

1) Look where your DAW is set for VST Plugins and
2) delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll from that location.

3) sanity check: Verify Serum is no longer available in the DAW.

Then quit the DAW and run the update to that location.

In FL Studio, check FL options->Plugin Manager, and delete any and all instances of Serum (expand window to the right if needed to see path) in Windows explorer, rescan and verify Serum is not available, then quit FL and run the update.

Let me know if you’re still stuck.


I've installed serum about 20 times for both installations and spent about 3 hrs trying to get serum out of demo mode. I've deleted serum from my folders multiple times and reinstalled it. I don't see where I can put my serial in. I'm lost.

Je suis également coincé en mode Démo depuis plusieurs jours et après multiples désinstallations et re-installations.
Seules options lors de l'ouverture de SERUM, "TRY" ou "BUY".
Aucune possibilité d'activation, autorisation…
Enthousiasme retombé, épuisé et même petits regrets…
Mac osx 10.13.4 (High Sierra)


Please mention your DAW and OS. The failsafe approach is to delete Serum plugin file and verify it is no longer available in your DAW, then quit the DAW and run the update installer.

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