Why is my Xfer Serum just black??

Started by saevar6

So I just bought Serum on Splice. com and the program is just almost all black and I don't understand why.. this is driving me crazy I can't use the program like this.. please can anyone help me

Try moving Serum Presets folder from documents/Xfer to C:/


So I just drag the folder to C:/ ? or do I need to change some settings?


i tried to move the folder to C:/ but i keep getting a notification that the serum preset folder is opened in another program(even though it's not) and thus can't move it.


I now succeeded at moving the folder but serum is still black. I tried to uninstall and install again, but it didn't work. I'm starting to get pretty frustrated.


Make sure "Serum Presets" is no longer at \Documents\Xfer
Win-R (run)
delete the Serum folder there.
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hey did you end u fixing this issue?