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I just purchased serum though the renting scheme with splice, and was wondering about the Serum FX, that I had seen a friend use, wondering how to access that.


Open Serum and click on the -int- that's in the box and it will pull up the fx list…
I hope this helps..


I mean to have Serum as a stand alone FX unit, so it acts as an effect in my DAW as opposed to acting as a synth ableton, so you can use it as a compressor etc on other sounds. 


Thanks Steve, looking forward to trying that on Monday! 

Hi there,

Just started renting Serum. This is an absolutely fantastic scheme and my first time experience with Serum itself, which is truly excellent.

Today is my first day of rent (paid $9.99). Serum FX shows up in my splice plugin pages. I have download and installed it it but it does not seem to do the job. The FX does not appear in Live 9.6.1  nor in Logic Pro X 10.2.4. It also does not appear on component/vst folder. 

Should I expect a "Serum FX" like for example "Reaktor 6 FX"?


Yes, it's the same idea.   I would recommend to resolve your Splice login here and you can download from here.  Also be sure you're looking in the global VST dir (and see Serum) not the user dir.


Many thanks for your very quick reply! Access to forum now works great by switching to the account registered to splice.

I have downloaded the SFX installer from this website trough my account page, but still it does not install Serum FX properly. I have checked in the global VST folder and there is only one Serum there.

There was a problem with the update on our cloud storage, it should be resolved now!



Thanks for solving this so quickly! So excellent!

Lele Gambera

Thanks Steve. I've just purchased the software via Splice! Your 're the future. 
Thanks again. 
Lele Gambera-

I Subscribed to the splice rent to own thing and I think its fantastic. Serum works in my ableton Live 9.7.5 64 bit daw perfectly. However, When I tried to open a project file that used Serum FX, I got the notification: VST "SerumFX": The VST Plug-in could not be found. According to the above comments, it should be included. How do I resolve this issue? Thanks, Mix it Mike

SerumFX is a separate download. You could also download it from here assuming your payments have begun (I don't see you with a lease, so I assume it is another email address you are using with Splice).

I changed my email address on file with splice to the same one I use on here since your system was giving me trouble changing it on here. Maybe you can try to look it up again and provide me with a download link for serumfx. Thanks

I do not see where to download Serum FX, only Serum. Please advise.

Hey Steve, I began payments along time ago and I can't seem to find serum fx anywhere. I've been to my account info on Splice and on XferRecords.com. It's just not showing up.


Hi Invoy, You probably used a different email address to sign up on Splice. Please verify that email address on Splice and try using "forgot password" to it on the sign in page here. Please use the contact form with your Splice username if you are stuck!

Hi Steve,
Today I've brought the serum through splice in the package of rent to own and I've paid 9$ and I love serum but I was wondering how do I download serum fx from splice? because there is no option to download serumn fx anywhere in splice…

SerumFX is a bonus plugin I made for Serum customers as a token of thanks.
I decided to make it available to Splice users after the 3 day trial period ends.

If you need it before 3 days, I believe you need to pay for Serum in full.

I'm Rent to owning serum through Splice, does that include the bonus Serum FX standalone plugin, as i can't find it with the rest of my plugins, if not, i understand, just looking for some clarity as i would like to have it if possible, thanks for any help

Thanks, for whatever reason it showed up when clicking through that link, appreciate you responding so quickly


Everytime I reinstall I end up back here for the effects rack DL :D
Thanks for this amazing plugin Steve :)