Splice Serum FX

Started by veryfamouswizard


I installed serumfx in my serum folder and looked everywhere in ableton but it just doesn't seem to show up anywhere, I'm confused

Hello Everyone, I bought serum from the xferrecords but didnt get the serum fx download link, can anyone share the link please.


Please use the contact form if I can help you in locating your purchase.


Hi, I've recently changed Mac. I've re-installed Serum fine, however I can't locate SerumFX once it's 'installed' - please can you help? Thanks.

SerumFX is a separate download, the lowest download in "your account" of the Serum downloads.


Yep I know, I've been installing SerumFX - But it's not appearing in my plug-ins folder or in Ableton after multiple installs and re-scans!

Make sure "Use VST System Folders" is enabled in Live 10->Preferences->Plug-Ins.


If you cant find SerumFx in fl studio turn off 'verify plugins' then just search for serum and you will see serumFX then just favorite it and it will show up in the list


I just installed the latest update for Serum through The Splice app (I have completed my payments) and, for some reason, Serum FX disappeared???


You can find the SerumFX installer as the lowest download in "your account". The Serum update installer removes a specific version which the macOS was preventing updating on due to a versioning mismatch. I'll look in to why it might be applying to SerumFX, as that's my best guess as to what happened.