Update Serum ?

Started by Kjeand2


got it.  i downloaded the demo.   ran the dmg for the demo.  installed it.  it then opened correct on my logic.  then i opened my splice desktop app again and it said update plug-in to 1.107.  so it updated and now it opened again. but then looked at splice again and it said now update again from 1.107 to 1.113. now it opened but i'm getting no sound.  hope i can learn this tonight.   2FRESH / LOVEHOUSE from Beijing 

Make sure you are using the Serum instrument version, not Serum FX (should not say "FX Version" in the top-left, use an Instrument insert in logic, not an effects insert).  

i'm having the same problem. I am in my account but there is now button for available updates.

the button says "see available downloads" to the right of your serial number.  please email me if you are still stuck (contact form).


i bought serum and i want to update it but i cant and there is no available downlowds colum (i bought it last year)

Most likely you purchased under a different email address, I would recommend to contact me with whatever info you can find (date of purchase, any other email addresses you have).

I can't find your registration, please use the contact form with any information you might have about your purchase.

Hi! Does anyone know of a globally Serum notes a "midi learn"function or a special patch to be set at all :?

You can have a MIDI learn template, the information on that is in the registered user forum should you choose to purchase, I can guide you there.

i tried that but its not showing any newer version after 1.0 except for the beta version, is it the beta one i need to update my serum?


you need to purchase.  If you have already purchased, you need to log in under that account.  Please use the contact form if you can't find your purchase.

hey there i would like to know if serum works on 10.10.5 (14F2109 ?

how do i update from 1.0 to 1.113? i need to do so for a cymatics preset pack and every time i download the update i just get two more .dll files and no kind of updater or anything?


@levl9ne yes, it is supported.

@flow_vape yes  -the DLL's are the actual plugin, you should be installing to the same location that your DAW is looking for plugins (or you can move them there by hand).    Look in your DAW preferences/settings for where VST plugins are set).

Hey Steve, I did as  you suggested and there seems to be a problem.

Currently my Serum is on  version 1.107 and I wish to update to 1.11b3.

I deleted serum.dll on my Ableton plugins folder and I installed the update, however, when I check serum again, it still seems to be at 1.107.

I'm using the latest version of Ableton Live 9 on Windows 10,
Thank you very much!


You need to restrart Live.
If the problem persists,  Look where VST Custom folder is set in Live prefs file/folder.  Delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll from that location.   Run Live and verify Serum is not available at all.

I do not have the phrase "available downloads" in the top right of my accounts. How do I get the new version of Serum?

nishank majumdar

where to find the update i just installed the demo

You need to purchase for updates, the demo is for evaluation as-is.

Hey guys, amazing plugin. I want to be able to tweak the Cymatics presets and Im currently running the 1.1.3 version which I assume is the latest one but when I unfreeze the synth and try to tweak the preset this message always appears "This preset was made on a newer version of serum…"

@snketr no, that is a very old version now - I don't see you have purchased, if you need help locating your Serum purchase, please use the contact form and supply any info you can (e.g. other email addresses, and/or date of purchase)


Hi Steve. Im having a bit of trouble with serum. I have paid off Serum, and now when I try and save my presets it will not save. I have no idea as to why and Ive never had this problem until now. After I save the song on my DAW and on Serum, exit the DAW, and later when I open my DAW my presets are out of wack and nothing sound the same. Please help. Thank you!