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ayedam-splice - please use the Serum forum for support or the contact form. This is not a support forum or catchall thread. Make sure you aren't using the FX version of Serum (should not say "FX Version" in top). Maybe you can use the contact form if further support is needed, please mention your DAW and OS.

Hi Steve, I just recently bought Serum and have been using the demo for about a week. I seem to be having trouble updating the VST and verifying that it isn't the demo version. I opened the .vst file that installed with the update in my DAW and it still said I was using the demo version. How does the update interact with 1.0? How do I update it? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your Serum purchase. Quit your DAW and run the update installer found in "your account". If running MacOS restart the computer. If the problem persists please use the contact form and mention your DAW and OS.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I ran the update installer already I just don’t know if there is a specific folder I was supposed to install it to. Any suggestions? I’m using Windows 10 with FL Studio 12.

Never mind. I found the other serum update thread and it answered my question. Thanks again.

"Your account" in top-right -> See available downloads

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hello, just bought xfer for use my last preset but sorry i need the latest version on PC (1.215) but it dont exist (the latest for pc only 2.14)

1.215 is MacOS only fix and is fully compatible with 1.214 (same patches) - if Serum is saying you need an update please check "build" on the Global page and verify the version there.

Hi, I need Help! i want to update my serum but when i head over to do so no update link or anything besides that it doesnt say that i have any Orders?

Most likely you purchased under a different email address, please use the contact form with as much info as you can provide about your purchase.

so I purchased serum through splice and It is 100% payed off now but I can't seem to get the update with the new filters. Was thinking that since it's through a 3rd party website that there might just be a delay or something. But ya any suggestions on how I might be able to update this?

Edit: I see now that it's in pre-release and found your tweet with the link for beta access but it says I'm not authorized to access that message board.

Again, please use the contact form. I can't work out your identity in a public forum.


I don't see available downloads when I click on Your Account


I don't see available downloads when I click on Your Account

Since you seem to have a Splice account like me, you can just install updates from the Splice client.


Indeed you can use the "Update" button on the "Plug-Ins" tab of the Splice client app.
However you should also see it in your account, I impersonated your account and I see it OK, maybe try another browser if you don't see the button at the bottom of this image:

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Saw something on using words in the Serum wave table editor as a formula to get serum to try to process the words, but when I put in * word * it just highlights it red and doesn't work. I'm not sure if it's something that was disabled or not but I think the video I saw was from 2018. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.


put a quote first (").
Please use the Serum forum for support, this thread is specific to updates/registration.

Landon Wells

If I update Serum, does that get rid of the older version or will I have 2 versions of Serum showing up on my DAW?


It should overwrite the previous version in normal circumstances, but this is a little beyond Serum's control since you can move files around on your computer. Anyway if you do have such an issue it's typically very easy to resolve - see where the DAW is set to look for plugins, and delete the older version.